March 3-4, 2022

3rd EMEA Executive Assistant Online Summit


Vonlanthen Group of Companies is thrilled to be presenting the 3rd EMEA Executive Assistant Online Summit.

Join our expert speakers from the comfort of your own home.

The business environment has been utterly changed by COVID-19, and organisations are struggling to function under the constant disruption that’s become a part of our daily lives.


JOIN US for an experience that will leave you inspired, informed and, empowered!



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We would like to thank our speakers for beautiful cooperations and for helping us to make

this great event happen by sharing their knowledge and networking.


Lucy Brazier, UK

CEO, International Speaker, Conference Chair

Marcham Publishing
Publisher of Executive Support Magazine


Anahita Moghaddam, DE

Founder Of Neural Beings/Coach/Speaker/Researcher


Lisa-Katherina Schutter, DE

EA to CFO & Board Member at Schenck / Dürr Group l Professional Systemic Coach l WOL Mentor l Microsoft-Certified Service Adoption Specialist & Digital Transformation Coach

Mehmet Baha, DE

Mehmet Baha, DE

Founder & Senior Consultant

Solution Folder

Mariada De Iulio, IT

Mariada De Iulio, IT

Senior Executive Assistant, Digital Marketer

Government Of Italy

Silvia Salomon, IT

Silvia Salomon, IT

Ceo Personal Assistant

Univet S.R.L.

Valentina Kordi, GR

Valentina Kordi, GR

Mindset & High-Performance Coach For Entrepreneurs, Executives & Work Teams


Marie Heinsen, UK

Marie Heinsen, UK

Ea To The Co-Founders & Head Of Agency Services

Remarkable Group

John Tomlinson, ES

John Tomlinson, ES

Head Of Learning And Development (Europe And Central Asia)

Foreign, Commonwealth And Development Office (Fcdo)

Olena Sadoma, SK

Olena Sadoma, SK

Energy Coach


What EA’s are saying

“The presentations I found the most effective and enjoyable were the powerful speakers which came across as being authentic, energetic, passionate and all had a story engaging me from the start.”

Nice event, good topics, few speakers were actually excellent, I missed 1 thing though – some power music before the start, during the breaks, and at the end. Keep on good work! Simona

Overall it was one of the best Summits I have attended – Thumbs up for the organizers and speakers.

“The format of the meeting was very interactive, I loved the way you let the people connect and communicate with speakers. It was very inspiring!”

First Day

LUCY BRAZIER: Problem Solving
ROB THOMPSON: Negotiating with difficult to persuade people

• The essentials of good negotiationHow to persuade powerfully

Recognising the dynamic with difficult to persuade people

• Negotiating with difficult to persuade people

Negotiating from a position of limited power

Dealing successfully with roadblocks

SAMINA AZAM: EI - Emotional Intelligence enhances every aspect of our lives, and is truly a unique skill

Through this growth mindset we empower and enable ourselves to be our very best.

Let’s talk EI. How EI has catapulted my career and led me to become the CEO of my own company

How EI can change your life. This is my story

EI life toolkit. Resources we need to power forward

    STEVE DAWSON: How to make engaging business presentations

    Make PowerPoint work for you, rather than against you

    Understand the power of energy and physicality

    Discover the effectiveness and simplicity of story telling!   

      Second Day

      SKEVI CONSTANTINOU: Level up LinkedIn!

      The training will cover:

      Understanding personal branding

      Creating content

      Hints and tips on how to unlock the best out of LinkedIn

      Making your network your net worth

      How to increase online presence

      Plus lots more!

      DR. JIRI VIZDAL: Out of the box smart approach to delivery management – Volume 1

      • The role of delivery management in our daily personal and professional life

      Key delivery factors – project management vs. service management

      Continuous delivery as a key success factor and key habit

      How to get the most out of the recent delivery management approaches – focus on Kanban and GTD

      What tools would suit our needs and how to prioritise

      Interactive Q&A part for Volume 2 in summer 2022

        LISETTE SUTHERLAND: The path to becoming “remote first”: thriving in the hybrid work model
        • Hybrid working existed before COVID, but COVID definitely made it more popular. With extensive polling of workers around the world, the answer is clear: the future of work is choice. For organisations to survive and thrive in the modern world, we want to be able to work a hybrid or “remote first” way: working online as if we were in the office together. In this interactive presentation, we’ll explore how digital nomads ,virtual entrepreneurs, and global organisations are reaching through the screens to collaborate seamlessly at a distance. You will walk away with new ideas for what it means to be “present” at work and how to create that sense of team even when you’re virtual.
          Menekşe Ahbab: From partnership to creationship

          All of us are living through a global crisis and working through our own challenges. Yet, what we have been reminded of through this period is the power of compassion, empathy, and understanding. We’ve been on the receiving and giving end of that and it is regenerating. That is how innovation is fueled by a diversity of ideas, experiences, skills, and backgrounds to challenge the status quo. Business realities demand we reimagine the way we work and it’s time to form a creationship with our managers to have positive business outcomes.

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