November 23-24, 2021

9th Global Executive Assistant Hybrid Summit


Vonlanthen Group of Companies is thrilled to be presenting the 9th Global Executive Assistant Hybrid Summit, this time as a hybrid event. Join our expert speakers from the comfort of your own home or from the conference room in magnificent Barcelona.

The volatility of the business world is bringing a lot of extra work and responsibilities to everyday life; how are you managing the stress? Do you enjoy working in that environment, or are you looking for tips that can help you find that ideal work/life balance?

JOIN US for an experience that will leave you inspired, informed and, empowered!



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We would like to thank our speakers for beautiful cooperations and for helping us to make

this great event happen by sharing their knowledge and networking.


Lucy Brazier, UK

CEO, International Speaker, Conference Chair

Marcham Publishing
Publisher of Executive Support Magazine


Anahita Moghaddam, DE

Founder Of Neural Beings/Coach/Speaker/Researcher


Lisa-Katherina Schutter, DE

EA to CFO & Board Member at Schenck / Dürr Group l Professional Systemic Coach l WOL Mentor l Microsoft-Certified Service Adoption Specialist & Digital Transformation Coach

Mehmet Baha, DE

Mehmet Baha, DE

Founder & Senior Consultant

Solution Folder

Mariada De Iulio, IT

Mariada De Iulio, IT

Senior Executive Assistant, Digital Marketer

Government Of Italy

Silvia Salomon, IT

Silvia Salomon, IT

Ceo Personal Assistant

Univet S.R.L.

Valentina Kordi, GR

Valentina Kordi, GR

Mindset & High-Performance Coach For Entrepreneurs, Executives & Work Teams


Marie Heinsen, UK

Marie Heinsen, UK

Ea To The Co-Founders & Head Of Agency Services

Remarkable Group

John Tomlinson, ES

John Tomlinson, ES

Head Of Learning And Development (Europe And Central Asia)

Foreign, Commonwealth And Development Office (Fcdo)

Olena Sadoma, SK

Olena Sadoma, SK

Energy Coach


What EA’s are saying

“The presentations I found the most effective and enjoyable were the powerful speakers which came across as being authentic, energetic, passionate and all had a story engaging me from the start.”

Nice event, good topics, few speakers were actually excellent, I missed 1 thing though – some power music before the start, during the breaks, and at the end. Keep on good work! Simona

Overall it was one of the best Summits I have attended – Thumbs up for the organizers and speakers.

“The format of the meeting was very interactive, I loved the way you let the people connect and communicate with speakers. It was very inspiring!”

First Day

LUCY BRAZIER: Hybrid Working
JOHN TOMLINSON: Working with Different (and Difficult) Bosses (and Other People)

Working with people is complicated, and being managed by people is even more complicated. In fact, research shows that almost half of people who leave their jobs do so because of their manager (second only to pay as the main reason to go). Leaders may set the organisational climate, but managers make the weather, and getting this relationship right is the single most important factor in having a positive professional experience. This isn’t always possible; some people are just … what’s the word? But whatever your circumstances, developing the skill to be able to work with different (and difficult) types of people is a great way of becoming more successful and more fulfilled at work. 

MEHMET BAHA: Become Resilient & Antifragile

Because of COVID-19, many employees have struggled with managing their stress. Working from home and trying to juggle personal and work relationships add to this stress. Burned-out employees are, unfortunately, becoming more common in the workplace. In times of stress or crisis we can be fragile, and when we are fragile, our performance goes down. When we are resilient, our performance stays the same. When we are antifragile, our performance increases. After attending this powerful session, you will understand three aspects of becoming resilient and antifragile and apply the “embracing ambiguity” approach to grow into a resilient and antifragile professional. 

    VALENTINA KORDI: Own Your Time (Workshop)

    There is a difference between being busy and being productive. Those able to own their time are able to consciously control their workload rather than spend each day reacting passively to crisis after crisis, stressful situations, and personal productivity soars! These highly effective individuals are able to focus on the results they want to achieve and choose the tasks with the greatest impact to their success and their organization. 

    In this session, you will learn techniques and tools that help you control your mindset and emotions, so that you make better decisions on where to invest your work time to achieve the results that matter to your performance, your success and your organization. This workshop will help you learn how to become the owner of your time!   


    Workshop Objectives: 

    • Plan and prioritize each day’s activities in a more efficient, productive manner
    • Overcome procrastination quick and easy
    • Say no to requests and tasks that harm your productivity
    • Manage negative emotions related to time management at work


      MARIADA DE IULIO: The Role of an EA after the Pandemic: How to Improve Your Brand and the Importance of Growth & Digital Marketing for the EA 5.0<br />
      • In this session, we will talk about the impact of the pandemic emergency in our job as well as our life, and how to face critical events. Mariada will share more about growth and digital marketing, why they’re so essential and how you can acquire real competencies in digital marketing by exploring different tools, tricks, and tips with practical examples. Mariada will help you to improve your presence online, suggesting how to improve your LinkedIn profile to make it more valuable, how create an appealing CV using tools like Canva, and how to develop your brand. 

        Together we can change things, so come open minded to this continuous learning approach and come away with practical advice that will help your life and career. 

      SILVIA SALOMON: Team Up with Your Boss Using Emotional Intelligence

      According to Daniel Goleman’s vision of Emotional Intelligence, its four pillars are Self-Awareness, Motivation, Social Skills, and Self-Regulation.  

      All of them are involved when it comes to building up a successful team with your executive, in which the executive and the assistant share perspective, vision, manners and goals. Once the C-level executive (or the executive pair) sets the standards, then the whole management team needs to level up.  
      The EA is pivotal in making the whole team play at its best, especially when it comes to handling the human beings behind the professionals. It may take what you’d call a sixth sense, it may be a natural gift, but not all of it relies on intuition: you can train it to make the most of it. 

      What makes an EA tick when it comes to leverage emotional intelligence? How does an EA reach self-awareness and what is self-regulation for an EA? How to find motivation? What are the social skills required to make it work? 

      Silvia’s speech will provide insights on what it takes to build a relationship with your boss and their team, like only a team-builder and an assistant can provide. 

      Second Day

      ANAHITA MOGHADDAM: The Upside of Human Potential

      A deep and provocative exploration of the human mind, its propensity for negativity and dissatisfaction, as well as its potential for contentment and positive social impact.  

      LISA-KATHERINA SCHUTTER: Lean Collaboration with Microsoft 365: Mindset - Toolset - Skillset - Whereas Mindset is Key!
      • VUCA: What is going on in this world  why does everyone speak about VUCA? What is VUCA – definition and what does it mean for us assistants? 
      • Evergreen and life-long learning mentality: Microsoft is an evergreen – what does it mean for us assistants? 
      • Learning best practices from Microsoft championship and service adoption 
      • Mindset is key! 
      • WOL: What is the principle of working out loud and what has it to do with a Microsoft rollout? 
      • Giving is the new taking… what has “serendipity” to do with it? 
      • Change management: This is classical change going on in a company – how to best roll out, how can you as assistant support your boss and organisation 
      • Change model: House of change 
      • Change model: Change curve 
      • Coaching questions: Which questions do you need to know for effective communication? 
      • Lean admin and best practices for Teams and OneNote 
      MARIE HEINSEN: How Sagittarius Used Atlassian to Implement Their Information Security Management System (Case Study)
      • What is Jira? How does it help with project management? 
      • Why Confluence makes a great repository 
      • Building the information security management system (ISMS) 
      • Using Atlassian in ‘run’ mode for ISO 27001 and the ISMS 
        OLENA SADOMA: Master Your Energy

        While we try to fit more and more in a time unit, trying to become efficient and hyper-productive, we push ourselves to the limits. What are those limits? Can we expand our capacity? Can we feel better doing more and producing better results? By raising your personal energy level, learning your specific ways to accumulate, store, and use life energy, we can excel at work and all spheres of life. Simply because we show up at the best state we can be at the moment, energetic with potential and full of action rather than reaction. 

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