Alexandra Nord

Coach & Mindfulness Instructor

Founder of the CB Foundation for Burn Survivors 


Speaker at the 8th Annual Global Executive Assistant Summit

Ever since switching tracks from IT to Human Resources in 2015, Alexandra has been passionate about self-leadership and personal growth. After 15 years within the IT industry in roles such as Product Owner and IT Security Officer, she has discovered that meaningful work for her is when she creates the pre-requisites for others to perform and develop. 

Since performance and results stem from personal wellbeing, this also became her focus when she launched her own company in 2019.   

Having been through some of life’s highs and lows and (hopefully) being the wiser for it has given her an appreciation for the tremendous potential and opportunity for growth that each and every one of us has.  

After working with HR strategy, processes, staff responsibility, and leadership training, it was a natural next step for Alexandra to develop mindfulness trainings and tools that aim to strengthen self-leadership and insight into ourselves. Creating authentic relationships with colleagues and clients that allow self-expression without fear of being judged has always been a goal throughout Alexandra’s career.   

She is convinced that strong self-leadership and insight into who we are is of true importance for both individuals and organizations. For the individual, strong self-leadership means being able to act according to our values and intention rather than being stuck in “autopilot.” It means listening to our own truths when we make decisions. It also means loving ourselves throughout that process and as the consequences of our decisions play out.   

Organizations are the sum of all those who work there. Alexandra’s conviction is that the best way to create lasting value and products for customers is by having employees that are in tune with their own needs and who understand that taking care of themselves first is the foundation for being able to contribute fully to the organization’s products, services, and results. 



 Events with Alexandra

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