Amy Tez

CEO & Communications Strategist
Amy Tez Ltd. UK

Speaker at the 2nd EMEA Executive Assistant Online Summit

As an internationally sought-after executive trainer and political consultant, Amy has built a solid reputation for ensuring message success. She has helped lead the transformation for Fortune 50 companies along with helping MPs, Senators and top diplomats craft and deliver a powerful story. She has over 20 years of professional acting, leadership, performance and strategic communication experience. And since 2016, Amy has been helping some of the most successful companies and people in the world stay market leaders. Her approach is razor-sharp. She has an uncanny ability to see what others cannot see and will help you turn your gaps into powerful strengths. No time wasted on endless theory; time spent only on experiencing what it actually takes to turn your game around.

No matter how brilliant our ideas, if we do not sound persuasive, compelling, and clear, they will fail to take flight. What’s needed is high-class influencing skills along with the ability to connect with our audience so that we win more buy-in, trust, and support. Unlike standard media training, Amy’s process is rooted in solid acting, performance, and storytelling techniques as well as in behavioral psychology to get you communicating with far greater substance, agility, and style.

The training is highly practical. You’ll learn to clarify your message, be solid in your arguments, differentiate yourself through a compelling story, command the room with your voice, and deliver your narrative with conviction, strength, and dynamism. You’ll also practice speaking in your most confident and natural-sounding voice because authenticity trumps rehearsed speech EVERY TIME.

Most importantly, you’ll be given the tools to steady nerves, build conviction and brilliantly handle the toughest objections under pressure Even after a single session with Amy, you will have a greater insight into the psychology of power and will understand how to communicate your own power and USP without ever compromising on your integrity, narrative, and mission.


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