Andrew Jardine Finstam

General Manager

The Institute of Administrative Management

Speaker at the 4th Benelux & DACH Executive Assistant Summit

Andrew Jardine started in an administrative role in the Civil Service before eventually realizing his passion is for training and staff development. He qualified as a trainer and has since delivered to all levels of staff and management in the public, private and voluntary sectors in the last 20-plus years.

He loves that his current role, as general manager of the Institute of Administrative Management (IAM), lets him work with organizations and individuals who share his dedication for raising professional standards and helping others to learn new skills, develop existing ones, and progress in their chosen profession.

The IAM is one of the oldest management institutes in the UK, having inspired profes­sional business managers and administrators since 1915. Our purpose is to champion professionals in the fields of administration and management and to provide benefits and services that support our members’ professional and career development.



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