📨Approval letter or email to Attend 8th Annual Global Executive Assistant Online Summit

Do you need help convincing your management to send you to an EA conference? We will help you to make an impression with a spotless formal request letter. With our letter, getting approval to attend a conference will be an easy task.

Approval Letter for Attending an EA & PA event

Sometimes it can be tricky to find the right way to convince your manager that sending you to an industry event is a worthwhile investment. We are happy to help because we believe that attending our conference will leave you inspiredinformed and, empowered.

The key strategy is to approach your management well in advance of the event and kindly ask for authorization to attend this convention. As the 8th Annual Global Executive Assistant  Online Summit is getting closer, we want to make sure you know how to do it wisely to not only get permission to attend but also complete financial coverage.

That’s why we prepared a customized letter tailored specifically to this event. After you download it, make sure to fill in the missing information to personalize it.

Email it or print it

1. What should you type in the email subject?

To engage the intended reader, we recommend you start an email with a clear subject line. A simple and concise phrase will do. You can make it more personal by adding an interesting detail about the conference or yourself.

2. Generate a custom message for you to send to your boss

Email it to them or print it and talk them through it in person. It is entirely up to you!

After you download the file make sure to fill in the blank spaces before printing it or sending it digitally. In the example below, you can see where you need to insert your and your boss’s name. When you filled out the empty spaces, the letter is ready for you to submit!

Click on the image below to download the letter for your manager to get permission and funding to attend the conference:

What Executive Assistant events can you get excited about?

Our conference producers spend an entire year customizing an event to make sure they are providing you with the best educational experience possible. We understand that it is essential to elevate your skills and seek personal and career development opportunities every year.

We have amazing conferences planned and you cannot miss them!

Below you can see the two most exciting upcoming ones. Be sure to click on the pictures and find out more!

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1. Table formatting – Excel for Executive Assistants

We have created this article and video specifically for executive assistant professionals to perform better in their daily excel tasks.   

Format, filter, and sort a table in Excel

Click one of the cells in the table that you want to format.  

  • On the table – select format as table/ second option on the home section find the format as a table, and the third option if you have other versions of Excel, select the tell me section and search in there format as a table.   
  • There we can notice that there are three thematic versions Dark, Medium, Light, and multiple color options.   
  • Click the style to apply it to the table.  
  • Personally, I prefer to use two different colors for the rows in order to view the information easier, you can notice that automatically they select all the cells in the table and press enter 

Include another column:  

Click on the empty column where we will add new data let’s say Christmas Bonus and press ENTER notice that excel Formatted the new column based on the style we chose.

I am adding a new formula: based on what we want the Christmas Bonus to be.   

Press ENTER and then add the value or how you want to calculate the bonus, and then press again ENTER.  

And the formula is applied to all the column cells 

Delete or remove the formatting: 

  • If you want to delete the formatting, you can go to the Design tab and click to convert to the range. Notice that The Filters and Sorting options disappear.   
  • Now, if you want to delete the color appearance from the table, go to the Home tab and look all the way to the right and click the Clear button and then Clear Formats.  

Thanks for watching. If you have other questions, please let us know in the comments below.   

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First prize goes to Hideko A. Second prize goes to Radj M.Third prize goes to Daniela C.
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2nd  EMEA Executive Assistant Online Summit 2021 – FreeTicket
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