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Frequently Asked Questions


How can I join the event?

You can join the event by requesting a brochure filling it and send it back or by online payment.

The payment didn't work?

In this case please write us at

What are the benefits of sponsoring an event?






Accomodations & Travel

Can you please provide the hotel information for the summit?

Hotel information for the summit can be found on the summit page on our website. If it is not there, it means we are still planning the perfect location for the summit. As soon as a specific venue is confirmed we will post the information on our website. Registered delegates will be informed by e-mail automatically. If you are not registered and would like to be notified via email as soon as the information becomes available, please email with the following subject line: “name of the event” Venue Request.

Are there special discounted rates offered for booking the hotel of the conference?

Sometimes we can secure a special discounted rate for our attendees at the hotel of the summit. Please contact us via email at to inquire further.

Do we provide reservations at the hotel for delegates?

We do not provide reservations nor pay hotel reservation fees for the delegates.

Event Info

What language are your summits in?

Our summits are in English.

Who generally attends your summits?

Our summits are B2B events. They are targeted towards and attended by senior-level personnel and industry leaders across Europe, and parts of North America, Asia, and the Middle East.

As a delegate, do I have access to the list of other delegates attending the summit?

Yes, as a delegate you do receive a list of the other delegates attending. The list is provided after the summit with the documentation package.

How many attendees do you expect at each summit?

Our summits an average of 70 – 150 people. The exact number of attendees will fluctuate for each summit. For the exact number of inquiries, please write to us at

Will I receive the presentations from the summit?

Yes, you will receive the full documentation package including authorized presentations within five working days of the summit.


How do I sign up to become a speaker?

To join the summit as a speaker, click here and fill out the form, we will get back to you shortly regarding availabilities.

What are the benefits of becoming a speaker ?

Networking -> Speakers have the opportunity to network with peers and other professionals at specifically designed points throughout the event.

Expertise->Speakers can prove their value, expertise, knowledge, and acumen by presenting relevant and timely subjects in an effective manner, often leading to business development.

Traveling ->In appreciation for all the hard work and effort, Hub-EA offers to speakers complimentary benefits by funding travel tickets, hotel accommodations, and the event dinner party.