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16 Nov 2020 | Career development

What have you missed? Develop your excellence with us! We are planning many exciting events for 2021. The EMEA Executive Assistant Summit took place in Dubai on 3rd-4th March 2020. We are very excited to share with you some insights from training sessions from the world’s executive assistant coaches.

“Believing in yourself is a great first step to achieving your professional dreams. But that will only get you so far without the right skill set.”

Melissa Esquibel, US,

Microsoft Certified Trainer, Microsoft Office Specialist Master President, MPELLC Producer, Sawbuck Seminars.

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Melissa has prepared an Interactive workshop: PA power tools: Word, PowerPoint and Excel.

You know how to use these tools because you use them every day! But are you using them optimally? There are new tools, hidden techniques, tips, and tricks that can save you from frustration and recapture quality productive time. You will produce more advanced output than ever before. This session will help fill your toolbox full of exactly the skills you need to satisfy these demands.

Session applied to all versions of Microsoft Office from 2007 forward.

These are some of the useful tips, that Melissa has included in the session on working with these tools in the Office 365 environment,

  • Create complex documents with two must-know techniques
  • How to “reviewer proof” your documents so your hard work isn’t undone by “creative” editing
  • Produce a high-quality PowerPoint presentation in minutes AND make it durable in the face of branding changes
  • Get advanced output from Excel without advanced tools and techniques.

Interactive workshop: Office 365: The who, what and where

Although Office 365 is filled to the brim with new tools and solutions, it often introduces more questions than answers. In this session, we’ll look at the top points of confusion in most Office 365-enabled organizations. Managing files, organizing people, and facilitating collaboration are the key foundational decisions that need to be made to take full advantage of all that Office 365 has to offer. In this interactive workshop, we’ll explore these key questions: Where do files go? When do you use OneDrive? What goes into SharePoint? What about Teams?

Melissa Esquibel about her Workshop Session

Executive Assistant Insights by LUCY BRAZIER, UK,

LUCY BRAZIER CEO, International Speaker, Conference Chair, One of the World’s Leading Authorities in the Administrative Profession Marcham Publishing, Publisher of Executive Secretary Magazine

Communication – the assistants’ key to advancement

Communication is key and essential to any role, especially within the role of an assistant. It is crucial that you have strong communication with your manager, to help build a stronger and more reliable working relationship. With the skills from this session, you will be able to go back to your office and communicate more effectively not just with your manager, but other work colleagues as well. In time, you will see how it will help you to save time and build self-confidence within your role.

LUCY BRAZIER about her Workshop Session


Chief of Staff to Princess Diana New York Times bestselling author Founding Partner at JephsonBeaman

Patrick also shared with our large audience, more than a hundred amazing administrative professionals, a topic called:

Practical protocol: lessons from eight years with Princess Diana

  • Journey within – a few simple practices for personal transformation
  • Why protocol still matters in the digital age•
  • Know the rules – and make them work for you
  • Win hearts and minds with well-planned spontaneity
  • Educate and protect your executive, especially in culturally diverse interactions
  • Stay ahead of the game: influence key outcomes with confident protocol instinct


Senior Executive Assistant to EVP at Continental, Certified Professional Systemic Coach, Certified Trainer & Speaker for Lean Admin & Digital Office 4.0

Lisa-Katherina has shared some of the executive assistant insights with the audience through the fascinating topic: “Efficiency boost for global office management 4.0

  • Introduction into lean administration, kaizen, and office excellence
  • 7+1 types of waste – how to spot “Muda” (Japanese for waste) in the office and global collaboration
  • Poka-yoke – global standards and structures
  • 5S in the office – online and offline
  • Structured problem solving – think in root causes, not only solutions


Author, Speaker, Coach, Technologist & Chairman of UBF IT Committee

Journey within – a few simple practices for personal transformation

In this fast-paced age where everyone is constantly connected, extremely busy, and running around chasing perceived success, we are reminded of an old saying: “You cannot always control what goes on outside. But you can always control what goes on inside”.The journey within the model is built around 11 simple practices that can truly transform one’s self. It has been received very well by various organizational roles including executive assistants and secretaries.

Zubair Ahmed about his Workshop Session


Director at Innovate Through Training and Development

Preparing for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

The Fourth Industrial Revolution promises gains in scientific knowledge, human health, economic growth, and more. But for most people around the world, the prospect of a future in which robots and computers can perform many human jobs is a source of profound personal concern. Governments have begun to prepare for the changes this will bring. This session will suggest some actions you can take to ensure that you are also prepared.

Anne McDougall about her Workshop Session

Main focus of the presentation was How to prepare for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

  • What is it and how it will affect your role?
  • Looking at the opportunities the 4IR will bring to your industry
  • The key skills you will need to develop: – EQ – Critical thinking – Positive Thinking – Resilience

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