Executive Assistants Came Together to Discuss the Challenges of 2021! Review the Online 2nd EMEA Executive Assistants Event

16 Mar 2021 | Career development

March was the month of the Online Executive Assistants Event. Thanks to all the engaging speakers and all the active and curious assistants from all over the world, it was such an amazing experience.

💚 200 of you joined!🧡 We connected. 💛We networked.💜 We had an amazing time.🖤

💙 THANK YOU ALL for participating.❤

Lucy Brazier

Our collaboration with Lucy Brazier has been going on for years now, and we find her to be such a wonderful professional in the Executive Assistant field! She is very inspiring and has an exceptional understanding of all the challenges that assistants are facing on a daily basis. We admire her passion for advising and mentally supporting all our attendees in such challenging pandemic times. Thanks for bringing your spark to our Executive Assistants Events, Lucy.

Lucy has prepared a presentation considering the stress that COVID19 has brought to our lives. Combined with technology, it has increasingly enabled executives and leadership support teams the ability for constant contact.

Many individuals struggle to define a separation between work and personal life, which results in reduced overall satisfaction in the workplace.

Learning how to shut-off for the day can be very difficult in a scenario where scheduling of meetings and activities for the executive can often extend past traditional working hours or where executives demand information after-hours.

Setting boundaries that are respectful and appropriate and complete tasks required while also balancing personal and home life will increase overall job satisfaction and allow time for personal and often very fulfilling pursuits.

Executive Assistant Event - Lucy Brazier - Executive Asisstants and stress.

Her inspiring talk covered many relevant topics and left all the attendees inspired to take the right steps in their careers on a professional and also personal level.

Many tips and tricks that Lucy shared with the audience and how excellently she explained that it is not anymore about the “Work-Life Balance” but about the “Work-Life Integration” and how to approach it!

Executive Assistant Event in June 2021 Online
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🐸 Who has attended the event now know that the best way to eat the “BIG UGLY FROGS” is for breakfast! 🐸

Get the recording and find out yourself!

To see all these amazing sessions. Navigate via this link to this Executive Assistants Event and get the recording of the event.

What are saying the attendees of the Executive Assistants Event?

The presentation by Lucy Brazier portrayed the typical assistants’ everyday life and hit directly on the issues that needed clarification. Discussing it made it real and also that it can be managed.

I was impressed how Lucy led through the whole summit, she was really amazing. I personally liked most the Emotional Intelligence lecture.

Lucy – without the presentation deck it was absolutely amazing and extremely insightful.

“The best way to managing stress is most definitely by making healthy choices”

Lucy Brazier


Katie has been a virtual assistant since 2012 and provides her VA services to absolutely the highest level of executives, CEOs, founders, or entrepreneurs on a day-to-day basis. If you were wondering how to set yourself up as a virtual assistant, this session was the right choice!

With the world having been turned on its head and virtual working becoming the new norm, assistants of all levels and experience are becoming increasingly interested in the role and offering of the Virtual Assistant.

During Katie’s presentation, she drew to her valuable experience to empower aspiring and emerging VA to get their business up and running effectively and efficiently.

You will need to consider many things. Moving from being an employee into running your actual business, let alone delivering the pieces of work that you are engaged to deliver for your specific clients. That is going to be very challenging!

Does the role and conditions of virtual assistant sound interesting to you?

Executive Assistant Event - Katie Tew - How to become Virtual Assistants

Go for it!

When and How? Is there ever a right time? What do you need? Now more than ever, if you have the urge and instinct to do it. Give it a try. Katie walked us through the challenges and advised those considering this path with useful ways how to approach it.


Amy is a communication strategist. She started off as an actress, and now she is also a political consultant, and she advises leaders and politicians on how to get their message across in a really assertive manner.

Executive Assistant Event - Amy Tez - Executive Asisstants and The skill of Assertivness.

What if you could communicate at work with outstanding conviction, influence, and a luminous presence – without having to fake it? To manifest this level of leadership brilliance in your working life (and beyond), there is one crucial skill you need most: ASSERTIVENESS.

The people who have the ability to communicate assertively are the ones who accelerate their careers faster, have greater influence, and win more results. Much like a leading actor emotionally and physically holds the stage, we too will learn to speak with authority, genuine passion, and conviction — even in the most challenging of moments.

She shared with us her insight on how to find the ‘assertive’ way. The calm, clear, direct, and strong way. The fine line between tipping into aggression when you are feeling particularly out of control or tipping into being passive where we are not even saying what we want.

Her talk provoked in the conference attendees many thoughts on how to approach their struggles with passive aggressive colleagues or how to be assertive when putting their needs forward. Put their wants and desires forward in the workplace to ask what they want. Simply to advocate for themselves.

What questions have been answered and discussed?

How to get a wage increase when finding a new role?

What are the most useful non-verbal techniques?

How to practise the assertive approach, and what are the first steps.


Dear all, who did not attend the Executive Assistants Event, meet the leading trainer and motivational speaker in subjects of leadership, visions, and managing your time. Shawn knows a lot about presentation skills and how to deliver an effective and engaging presentation. Shawn showed us many examples.

Did you know, that only 10% of communication is verbal,

and 40 % of communication is pitch tone and rate of speed?

Public speaking is a necessary skill set for those in positions where critical communication is delivered to stakeholders, executives, and team members in various corporate environments. The ability to engage, reflect confidence, deliver effective presentations, read body language and perfect non-verbal communication are essential for your listeners to retain information.

We got answers to all the following points and were left mesmerized, realizing the power of effectively-delivered presentation.

Shawn Fair - Presentation skills for Executive Asisstants.

How to reflect confidence while delivering a presentation? The significance of mastering non-verbal communication while delivering a presentation Establishing authority on your topic. Knowing what to do to know your audience. The effectiveness in using “Ah-ha” moments in your presentation. How to effectively kick off your presentation? The importance of practicing your presentation and the consequences of not practicing.

2nd day of the Executive Assistants summit started with amazing 💖


Our next speaker, Stephanie, has lived all over the world. Originally from Austria, worker in Germany, and in France, or California, and she connected with us from the UK.

In 2012, she joint the “agile movement”. She specializes in training Kanban, in Lean startup, and in design thinking.

During our Executive Assistant event, she delivered a presentation on applying agile ways of working, and how Agile ways of working can be applied to improve your productivity. What you need to know about Agile in order to best support your C-level during the transition?

Executive Assistant Event -Stephanie Gasche - Executive Asisstants and agile ways of working.

Is your company already implementing Agile? Why is it so popular?

There is a lot of things that are unclear about Agile. Agility is in recent years considered as being more “flexible.” That is a myth. They are actually talking about the Agile Manifesto, 2021, and its 12 principles. It is a very complex approach that includes talking about Mindset, Methods, Interactions, Values, Approach, or Culture. We must admit this was a presentation that made all attending this Executive Assistant Event aware of the complexity of the Agile approach and made us think, what it is really about.

Stephanie was challenged by witty questions from our attendees as well.

What questions did she answer for us?

How do you deal with it if colleagues forget all processes and regulations and call it “agile”?

How do you handle all the “ad hoc” topics that come in during the day, that you did not have on your radar but need to be done immediately?

How do you make your work visible now when we mostly working online?

You said that the business agility is coming does that mean that agility can apply to any type of business?

I put my task with the time I need into my outlook calendar for big ones so that my time is blocked, and I have got an overview. I love the idea of the board, but then I’m spending a lot of time organizing tasks rather than delivering them. How to do that better?


Our next speaker was talking to us about teams. How to empower virtual and remote teams with a comprehensive and timely methodology. Do you have the skill of creating and sustaining engagement across multiple online platforms or time zones, and maybe cultures?

If we dream alone, it is just a dream. If people dream together, this is the beginning of a new reality.

John Lennon

COVID19 made us all virtual, and we responded well, with good digital or organizational skills and tools. But the longer this period extends, we have to face new challenges online as well. Peter has answered for us the most burning questions regarding the remote working in teams.

How to resolve a conflict online? How to set goals remotely? How to establish a structured communication, and maintain and even raise the team spirit?

We heard step-by-step guidance on how to unite the team and unleash the team’s power. How can we build trust and clarity with ever meeting someone in person? Do you know about the team members’ talents and powers? How to profit from them when working remotely on a global level? How to establish structure in communications and avoid confusion? What is the technique of “over-communication” to ensure all the team members are always in touch with the latest information?

In the Universe, only 10% is a material, planets, and stars. 20% are black holes and phenomena the scientists cannot explain, and 70% is invisible energy, the gravity, that holds the Universe together. In virtual teams, it is quite similar. 10% are the team members in the infrastructure. 20% is undeveloped yet potential, and 70% are the relationships, the trust, the gravity that holds the virtual team together. (Peter Ivanov)

After this session, all the assistants attending are ready and confident taking on a challenge to be a virtual team leader.

Questions for Ivan from attendees of the Executive Assistant Event.

How can we implement these methods in well-established teams, without colleagues thinking we are going crazy or had a psychology course over the weekend?

What do you do if the management team in other words the direct reports to your executive is a lot more than 2 pizza size and by the way firing them isn’t an option?

How do you create moments of joy within a virtual team and tips to motivate the virtual teams?


For this Executive Assistants Event, we have gathered speakers from all over the world, and we are grateful they could all join us from different time-zones. At 1 AM Australian time, remarkably awake, Liz has joined us to deliver her presentation, and we loved the nighttime vibes. She looked phenomenal, and she talked to us about attention management.

Assistants are required to show up very differently at different times depending on what’s going on.


Time Management is a topic that we are all familiar with, and it is an essential competency of office professionals. In recent years the concept of Attention Management has begun to gain more prominence. Learning how to switch your attention to achieve a specific result is something that will help you
be more effective AND efficient and can also reduce your stress and overwhelm.

Liza gave us tips to help assistants to control their attention, and to help implement Attention Management into their work and personal life.

Executive Assistant Event - Liz Van Vliet - Executive Asisstants and Attention Management.

Attention management is the ability to consciously direct your attention in any given moment, to be more proactive than reactive, and to maintain control rather than inadvertently relinquish it. It is about regaining control over your attention and thereby taking control of your life. Attention management empowers your productivity.

Maura Thomas

In the near future, there will be two kinds of people in the world: those who let their attention and lives be controlled and coerced by others and those who proudly call themselves “indestructible.”

Nir Eyal

Liza is aware, that unfortunately, as assistants, the reality is that there are times when our control, our attention is controlled and coerced by others. Still, she wants us to try to find ways where possible to implement things that are going to help us to manage our attention in these moments where it is within our control.

Take the Control Back!

Are you in the state of DISTRACTION or in the state of TRACTION, where the actions that draw us to what we want to achieve?

What are the tools to help us manage our attention, and build resilience to stress?

Try some apps like Focus Keeper, Freedom, Personal Zen, or Relax Melodies.

Remember. We are human beings not human doings.

Liz Van VIiet


2020 was an unprecedented year that challenged nearly every aspect of life all over the world…including the aspect of work. As we emerge into 2021, in her presentation, Amber addressed future trends, technology, and team dynamics and gave us practical steps to embrace and progress the future of work.

What did she cover in her presentation? The emergence of Cross-cultural teams. Shift from organizational design efficiency to design resilience. More human-focused organizational policies and procedures. The future of AI and VA’s in work. Tools and technology to be more efficient and effective. Opportunities and drawbacks with emerging technology.

Executive Assistant Event - Amber Vanderburg - Executive Asisstants The future of work 2021.

One of the major trends in the future of work is using technology as a tool to help us focus and to achieve our mission. When focusing on our mission, Amber has encouraged us to actually be intentional to interact and to engage with emerging technology so we can work smarter and more intentionally towards our mission.

What is a mission of an Executive Assistant?

What have our attendees mentioned in the events chat as an answer?

Making life easier.

Support customer.

Work-life and integration.

Facilitate daily business.

The ability of being The glue to connect between teams and the executive.

Business Excellence…

How do we manage to be The Glue? Through relationships.

The future of work is being transformed from CONNECTIONS to RELATIONSHIPS.

Amber says that connection comes naturally, but relationships come with effort, actual conversations, and intention. How to do that in a remote time? Ask meaningful questions. Follow up on conversations consistently. Remember Birthdays, years in the company, family sharing.

What else we need to be more intentional these days? Problem-solving is our idea. What is your opinion? Please share with us your ideas in the comments. 💬


Ever wonder why some people are so difficult to work with? Ever since we were in grade school, we have been asking questions like “Can’t we just get along?” and “If we could just work together, this project would be so much easier?”.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ), in its most simplistic form, is a way to describe the non-IQ forms of behavior in ourselves and others. Research has found that a person’s success depends much more on having a high EQ over IQ.

Alan led the audience to personal insights and discoveries that will help increase the four EQ skills of:

Self-awareness ↔️ Self-management ↔️ Social awareness ↔️ Relationship management

What have we learned?

  1. The basic EQ/IQ formula (75%-25%) from Daniel Goleman and the effects on various areas of business such as training, hiring, project teams, career development, leadership development, etc.
  2. The four EQ skills: Self Awareness, Self Management, Social Awareness, and Relationship Management and how we can use them for personal development in ourselves and others.
  3. The Programming Model and how we can use it to change our behavior to improve results and increase the results of our behavior.

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