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26 Apr 2021 | Career development, Personal development

Annual Conference 2021

Develop your excellence!

The 8th Annual Global Executive Assistant Summit, 10-11 June 2021 is a two days virtual conference and exhibition designed to host 1000+ executive assistants, personal assistants, virtual assistants, office managers, and HR business partners. 

All industries are facing an unprecedented time. It is an art to come out of these times and changes with benefits for career growth and personal growth. The work environment is under siege by economic changes, technological developments, automation, digitalization, and current health dangers.  

Executive assistants are willing to stay the linchpins of their organizations, ensuring that the Executives are having the support to continue delivering for the business. Other assistants are choosing to go for exciting and thrilling transformation and start their own business working as a virtual assistant supporting multiple executives coming from different industries.  

Join us and meet new friends for an experience that will leave you inspired, informed and, empowered! 
  • No matter what your path is, do you wonder how to stay ahead of the curve?
  • How to keep a work-life balance and keep delivering on the required KPIs?
  • How to bring to the table positive results?
  • How to avoid digital stress with all that online communication and position yourself as an expert?  

Join us at this two-day virtual summit with training sessions from the world’s top coaches:

Cod Byrns will be presenting at our 2021 Executive Assistant Summit

Our special guest Cody Byrns, an award-winning speaker and a number one best-selling author, with his keynote presentation:

From Stuck to Empowered: Maintaining Momentum Through Trying Times.

Learn how can you inspire with personality and convince with your content

in an online meeting with Andrea Heitmann, trainer and coach for communication and digital rhetoric.

Explore what changes HR Teams can introduce to address remote working,

with Anne McDougall of Innovate Through Training and Development.


Meet Fred Krieger, founder, and CEO of Scoro, an award-winning work management software for collaborative teams,

to learn practical techniques of Effective Time Management.


Join Lucy Brazier for her Keynote presentation:

The Assistant’s Guide to Self-Awareness.

Adapt your Executive Assistant role to fit into a remote world

with a multi-published assistant to C-Suite Executives and HNWIs and founder of Saltmarsh Solutions, Ellena Ingles.

Strengthen your self-leadership with mindfulness

with Alexandra Nord, Coach & Mindfulness Instructor.


Jennifer Chamberlin, Founder My Bilingual VA and Le Cercle des Assistants Virtuels will:

Uncover secrets of transitioning from corporate EA to running your own international VA business.

Best practice sharing on how to support business team efficiently

from the angle of Executive Assistant VP at 3M, Christine Chiang.

Get control of email, so you have more time and focus for higher-order thinking, priorities, and activities

with Steuart Snooks Australia’s leading Email & Workplace Productivity Expert.

And for the Grand Finale!

We invite you to join us for an open discussion 

with Suzanne Daniels and Lindsay Robinson from LinkedIn on the Career EA.  


A Case for the Career EA

Let’s have an honest conversation about where we are and where we want to be.   


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