Karen Monaghan

Executive Assistant to Global Head of Financial Institutional Coverage & Client Development

BNP Paribas

Speaker at the 6th Annual Global Executive Assistant Summit

Karen Monaghan has been an assistant of various levels for her entire working life, start­ing out on work experience as a trade ticket collector and filing clerk in a brokerage firm at the tender age of 17! She moved into banking in her 20s and has been in one house or another ever since. She has worked at senior EA level for the last 20 years, supporting a global head of M&A at Chase (now J.P. Morgan), a chairman of the investment bank at Bear Stearns, an office manager for a while at Aberdeen Asset Management, and finally to her current position at BNP Paribas.

Karen worked hard at school and went on to secretarial college, where she excelled and was very fortunate that a lecturer spotted her potential and set up her first assistant role in a construction company – where she eventually met her future husband! The remainder of Karen’s success can be put down to her willingness to observe, listen, learn and make the most of the opportunities in front of her to absorb and enjoy the various languages, cultures, and diversity presented.


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