Multisales Coordinator Senior EA

Mars Europe CEO of  LBM Consulting


Speaker at the 3rd Annual Global Executive Assistant Summit


Laura Belgrado holds a Bachelor’s degree in Office and Business ad­ministration. She has over 20 years of experience working in an international corporate environment; almost 10 years as EA to the Global MD of Microsoft, 4 years working as an independent consultant, and now recently joined Mars Europe as EA to the President and 2 VP’s for Multi sales Europe.

She has traveled around the globe coaching Executive & Personal Assistants. She is a licensed Executive Coach (AoEC and ICF Certi­fied) and is one of Europe’s most sought-after speaker at Global Conferences in various prominent EA associations in the UK & other parts of Europe. She has long & vast experiences working with top global CEOs as their trusted EA.

In the past 6 years, Laura has been designing and delivering training and coaching programs for EAs and Pas. She authored an innova­tive new training program for Executives and Managers to connect their EAs and PAs to their own success and develop a collaborative, successful, and powerful working partnership with their managers. Her workshops have been designed with flexible modules on differ­ent topics and Laura’s strength is to create each time Tailor-made trainings depending on the need of the audience.

She also has over 15 years past experience in Event and Project management working for one of Belgium’s leading Tour operators in Florida and then for a DMC located in Brussels organizing Incen­tives, large-scale events, and Conferences. Laura gained extensive experience in business management, budget management, and op­erations in a complex international business matrix. Laura is a true linguist, fluent with excellent writing and communication skills in all 5 languages (Dutch, French, English, German and Spanish).

The technical expertise that she has gained working at Microsoft over the years has enabled her to grow not only on a business and communications level but also on a personal level. And she has been sharing these technical skills with EAs in most of her workshops.

Laura’s innovative way of working and thinking out of the box will make your Assistants not only grow within their Role and find their personal Strengths but it will bring back their awareness of how im­portant our Role as Assistants. Well trained and motivated assistants will bring a high ROI to any Company. It is key for any Assistants to gain new ideas to rethink their WOW (ways of working) to continue to support and assist the great Leaders and Managers of today.


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