Senior Executive Assistant to EVP at Continental Certified Professional Systemic Coach | Certified Trainer & Speaker for Lean Admin & Digital Office 4.0

Since 2012, Lisa-Katherina Schutter has been a senior executive assistant to one of the global business unit heads and member to the division board at Continental. Lisa-Katherina has had 14 years experience as an executive assistant in the international top management and C-suite level of the automotive supplier industry, starting her career back then at McKinsey. In the last eight years she developed from a classic excellent PA to an internationally requested global trainer for lean administration, and she holds a degree in professional systemic coaching from the University of Applied Sciences in Wiesbaden, Germany. 

After giving lean admin trainings throughout Germany, China and Mexico for Continental, Lisa-Katherina founded her own consulting and coaching business in Frankfurt, L-K Lean Digital Office Consulting & CoachingIn 2015, she started speaking at various international company and assistant events, including now for Vonlanthen Group and Hub-EA! 

Lisa-Katherina’s passion ever since then has been “Lean Lifestyle” and she applies it in all ways. Related to her job as PA she says: “The time and energy that I save with simply living and working lean I have always put into exploring new areas and trends. LLL – Life Long Learning and Continuous Improvement are my personal key success factors and recommendations to every assistant! Always stay on track.” 

In a world where tasks and responsibilities in a global office and working for an international top manager has changed tremendously, combining the challenges and options of the new digital world, the new established mindset of NewWorkStyle, the collaboration possibilities with Office365 and her deep, profound knowledge and expertise in OfficeKaizen and Lean Administration is what makes her successful and what increases the value-add for her manager and the global team. 

Knowledge management and best practice sharing is what Lisa-Katherina stands for, heading a global team of 20 assistants. 

“Sustainability is the goal. People tend to jump too quickly on solutions but forget about reflecting on the root cause and later on wonder why problems re-occur again and again. Structured problem solving, systematically identifying and eliminating waste in the office, making it visible and measurable and thus increasing the value add for oneself and the team is crucial,” she said. This spirit and insights are the basis of her keynote that she shares with us in Dubai. Stay curious! Get tickets and experience Lisa-Katherina LIVE on stage. 


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