June 10-11, 2021

8th Annual Global Executive Assistant  Online Summit


  • Do you wonder how to stay ahead of the curve?
  • How to keep a work-life balance and keep delivering on the required KPIs?
  • How to avoid digital stress with all that online communication and position yourself as an expert?

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We would like to thank our speakers for beautiful cooperations and for helping us to make

this great event happen by sharing their knowledge and networking.


Lucy Brazier, UK

CEO, International Speaker, Conference Chair

Marcham Publishing
Publisher of Executive Support Magazine


Ellena Ingles, UK

Assistant to C-Suite Executives and HNWIs

Saltmarsh Solutions

Suzanne Daniels, US

Suzanne Daniels, US

Executive Assistant, Office of the Vice President, Sales Productivity


Fred Krieger, EE

Fred Krieger, EE

Founder and CEO


Alexandra Nord, SE

Alexandra Nord, SE

Coach & Mindfulness Instructo

The Mountain and the Sea


What EA’s are saying

“The presentations I found the most effective and enjoyable were the powerful speakers which came across as being authentic, energetic, passionate and all had a story engaging me from the start.”

Nice event, good topics, few speakers were actually excellent, I missed 1 thing though – some power music before the start, during the breaks, and at the end. Keep on good work! Simona

Overall it was one of the best Summits I have attended – Thumbs up for the organizers and speakers.

“The format of the meeting was very interactive, I loved the way you let the people connect and communicate with speakers. It was very inspiring!”

First Day

LUCY BRAZIER: The Assistant’s Guide to Self-Awareness

This session will show how success as an assistant begins with an understanding of yourself. During the session, we will look at the Belbin Psychometric testing exercise to explore strengths, weaknesses and where you fit into your team, Johari Window – opportunities from self-awareness, your beliefs, values, and behaviors, your Inner Voice, how body language can make a difference and how important communication is.

ANDREA HEITMANN: Digital Rhetoric – How you can inspire with personality and convince with your content in online meetings.
  • What is special about rhetoric in video conversations?
  • What minimum technical requirements are there, in order to ensure a professional appearance?
  • How can you build relationships online with eye contact?
  • How can you make sure, everyone who participates plays an active role in the online meeting – even before the meeting begins?
  • Tips and Tricks to support your message with facial expressions, tone of voice and gestures – even if you are only seen in a passport photo format.
ANNE MCDOUGALL: Changes HR Teams can introduce to address remote- working.

Remote working seemed like a dream for those of us who had long commutes to and from work.

However, it is not quite the panacea we thought it would be. Everything from lack of motivation, loneliness, time management, and multiple distractions have been highlighted as challenges employees must work through.

This short session will look at ways HR Teams can help those working remotely to keep in touch, minimize their stress and maximize the benefits that remote working provides.

  • How to keep connected and aligned
  • Taking Communication to a different level
  • Setting up a space and working without distractions
  • Fun ideas to keep the team engaged.
CODY BYRNS: From Stuck to Empowered

Maintaining Momentum Through Trying Times

In today’s demanding and often stressful working environments, a strong mindset is imperative to overcoming obstacles and surpasses life’s challenges. Occasionally, this means handling a missed deadline, reshuffling a team, or letting an entire department go. How do leaders and employees maintain a strong mindset during trying times and avoid getting stuck? In addition, can anyone deploy a strong psychological shift that creates both individual and team empowerment? The answer is yes! Cody Byrns shares his life suddenly changed while he stopped at a red light on the highway. It forever changed him, throwing his dreams to the curb, and creating the ultimate stuck mindset. Through his research in psychology and personal triumph, he was able to transcend a forever life-changing experience into tangible steps that can work for just about anyone. His story is designed to empower your team to create the necessary shifts to go from stuck to empowered.

 Actionable Takeaways:

  • Master the 4-step E.P.I.C. process to remain standing strong & demonstrate resilience in the midst of any obstacles.
  • Discover the root causes of psychology blocks and how to unroot them.
  • Learn the steps to creating individual empowerment and how that grows into organization wide transformation.
CHRISTINE CHIANG: How to support business team efficiently - from the angle of Executive Assistant
  • Flexible calendar scheduling to fulfill urgent needs from the sales team with batching meeting schedules
  • Manage cross-time zone meetings easily
  • Time-saving and more focus on business by filter pending approval for manager by reserving schedule
  • Utilize visitors’ time with a well-designed excel file during a business trip
STEUART SNOOKS: Revolutionize Your Inbox

A presentation showing 3 life-changing strategies to revolutionize the way you work. Email is probably the biggest time waster and source of frustration in modern business life. It is also THE leading cause of preventable productivity loss in organizations today.

This fast-paced, information-rich, interactive, and highly practical presentation demonstrates the 3 key, proven strategies of When, What, and Where to get control of the inbox and master your email using tools you’re already familiar with.

Unpacking these 3 strategies, we’ll explore 9 specific actions and a revolutionary way of managing the inbox that EAs say is ‘life changing’ and helps to:

  • Get a grip on email overload
  • Gain more control of your inbox
  • Reduce stress and frustration
  • Save an enormous amount of time
  • Radically improve your workplace productivity and effectiveness

What you learn will change the way you work . . . forever!

An open discussion with LINDSAY ROBINSON and SUZANNE DANIELS from LinkedIn on the Career EA

None of us went to school to become Executive Assistants, so how did we get here? Now that we are here, how do we forge a career path within the role that is long-lasting, meaningful, and valued, as opposed to being seen as entry-level employees or people on their way to something “better”? How do we find and train future career Executive Assistants and expand the talent pool to be more inclusive of different experiences and backgrounds? How do we elevate the perception of the position and prove our worth to future employers?

Let’s have an honest conversation about where we are and where we want to be.

Second Day

FRED KRIEGER: Effective Time Management: Structure your Communication and Workflow

Fred’s primary goal is to raise awareness on the importance of time – the most valuable resource we have. His talk is far from being purely theoretical.

He will share his personal experience on shifting from a reactive way of working to a more proactive one. There are some very simple and specific things we can all change today to use our time better.

His learnings come from working with people with different backgrounds, as he has managed artists under his label and currently runs a global software company with a team of 100. There’s going to be plenty of actionable insight on time management, structure, and work-life balance.

Another point is the increasing amount of daily interruptions that are often caused by the very same technology that is supposed to help us and make our lives easier. He has specific suggestions on how to fight the Weapons of Mass Distraction, as would be fair to call them.

ELLENA INGLES: How to adapt your Executive Assistant role to fit into a remote world

Why you need to adapt to excel remotely?

Diary management etc., is not as important when you aren’t in the office. You have to start looking for other avenues through which you can impress your boss, a lot of these will be more operational such as culture improvement. Become proactive, not reactive – it is more work for a boss to set you a task remotely so it will happen less, meaning you need to find tasks yourself.

What platforms are best to use or suggest using for your company?

Slack, Timedoctor, g-suite, Microsoft suite, Asana, Zoho, etc. Each one will be broken down into simple terms, with a basic run-through and “hacks” that people may not know to get the best out of each platform.

How to ensure you create, maintain and develop good relationships in a remote world?

Culture and teamwork are just as important now as ever. Run through some good remote team-building exercises.

ALEXANDRA NORD: Strengthen your self-leadership with mindfulness

Learn more about the connection between strong self-leadership and mindfulness meditation. Try and experience guided mindfulness meditations.

We’ll explore how mindfulness can:

  • Strengthen our ability to focus our attention
  • Impact our capability to regulate our emotions
  • Enable us to make more decisions in line with our intentions and inner values

Also, you will:

  • Delve into why strong self-leadership is a success factor
  • Understand how both strong self-leadership and mindfulness can benefit you
  • Have time for self-reflection
JENNIFER CHAMBERLIN: Transitioning from corporate EA to running your own international VA business

The world of virtual assistants has never been more appealing. With 1000s of corporate PAs and EAs now working from home, businesses and people who thought working together meant working in the same office are now realizing that things can be handled from a distance, and many are considering jumping into the world of self-employment. This session will cover all about transitioning from corporate EA to running your own international VA business. It will help you understand what being a virtual assistant really means the good, the bad, and the downright difficult.

Jennifer launched My Bilingual VA in 2016 and has gone from strength to strength, despite a worldwide pandemic that’s thrown everything up in the air over the last 12 months. Jennifer now runs a growing team, serving international clients in 5 languages over three continents. Jennifer has also recently launched her own three-month mastermind for French-speaking virtual assistants and is loving giving back to the community that’s given her so much.

What will be covered:

  • How to transition from EA / PA to VA and being your own boss;
  • International essentials;
  • Growing the business – how to go from me to we.

At the end of the session, you will know:

  • What you need for your initial set up;
  • What to do to be a visible VA and stand out from the crowd;
  • Keeping your head when working with multiple clients;
  • How to step away from an employee mindset into being your own boss;
  • How to find associates and how to work with a team;
  • Recommended tools and technology that will save you time and money.

If you are thinking about becoming a VA or if you just want to know more about then this session is not to be missed.

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