Steuart Snooks

Email and Workplace Productivity Expert
Steuart Snooks Enterprises Pty Ltd

Speaker at the 8th Annual Global Executive Assistant Summit

Steuart Snooks shows business owners, CEOs, and senior executives, their EAs and support teams a range of best practices to help them restore email to its rightful place – as a tool to facilitate improved workplace and personal productivity.

A time management consultant since 1997, Steuart specializes in the email-related issues of time management and workplace productivity. He’s spent much of the last decade researching and teaching Best Practice in managing email overload and communicating effectively via email.

His goal is to help his clients make the paradigm shift in their thinking and behavior to be more effective in managing email, integrating it as part of their overall workload.

Through presentations, workshops, coaching, and webinars, Steuart delivers insightful, entertaining, and highly practical solutions that make a real difference to personal and organizational productivity.

His content is supported by a library of resources made available to all delegates. His services also extend to 1:1 coaching and the design & implementation of Organisational Email Best Practice Protocols & Policies.


 Events with Steuart

Executive Assistan Event in June