Suzanne Daniels

Executive Assistant, Office of the Vice President, Sales Productivity


Speaker at the 8th Annual Global Executive Assistant Summit

Suzanne Daniels moved to New York City in 1996 to get her Masters’s Degree in Classical Vocal Performance. After getting her degree, she was fortunate enough to travel across several countries working as an opera singer. At other times she was not fortunate and needed to find other work. A nurturer by nature, she ended up working stints in hospitality and as a nanny. Eventually, when she got tired of being a “successful poor person”, she looked at her transferrable skills and found her second play, as an executive assistant.

She has supported the managing partner of Nobu Restaurants, the Vice-Chair of GE, the former President of Quirky, and some other pretty cool folk. Currently, Suzanne is an Executive Assistant at LinkedIn, supporting 2 Senior Directors across several lines of business, and she is a mom to Abigail Daniels, the coolest folk she knows.


 Events with Suzanne

Executive Assistan Event in June